Okay, it's been exactly one year since my daughters and I moved to Buffalo and we love it.  But, that does not mean anyone else should move here!  Buffalo is just not for everyone.  In fact, here are ten reasons we should tell others NOT to move here.

  • Credit: peterotoole, ThinkStock
    Credit: peterotoole, ThinkStock

    There is Just Too Much to Do Here

    From one of the largest St. Patty's Day parades, to Dyngus Day in the spring, Italian and Greek fest in the summer, and fall's Octoberfest at the Terminal.  I promise you, your schedule will be too full to enjoy doing nothing.

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    All of the History is Annoying

    So what if our Museum holds diaries and personal papers, from the likes of Teddy Roosevelt?  So what if some of the Museum's photographs and posters continue to draw people from around the planet. Don't even get me started on all of the iconic architecture...

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    All of the Live Music is a Bit Much

    Just last week, I heard Blondie at Artpark, then later live music in Elmwood for Wednesday night concerts. This past weekend Greg Kihn Band, Morris Day and The Time and Wynonna and The Big Noise played at Ribfest at Canalside.  It really is too much--nothing but live music and people dancing. You can only handle so much fun, right?

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    How Much Delicious Food Can You Eat?

    How annoying is it to have to try to pick a place to go to dinner? Amazing Italian food, top-notch Polish delicacies, or the best wings in the world...like I said, an annoying process.

  • Credit: Dmitriy Shironosov, ThinkStock
    Credit: Dmitriy Shironosov, ThinkStock

    People Are Way Too Friendly

    From the moment you move here, you have to watch out, because people will probably be nice to you.  Everyday in Buffalo people say "Hi, how are you?" and chat about the Bills or Sabres. Like they're your friend or something. Don't say you haven't been warned.

  • Credit: Fuse, ThinkStock
    Credit: Fuse, ThinkStock

    The Passion For Sports Penetrates Everything

    “Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills!” Stated ESPN studio host Chris Berman, and guess what, some of our Buffalo Bill's tailgates have become so over-the-top that fans have been asked by NFL officials to tone it down.  People new to the city might not be able to handle our passion, not just for the Bills, but the Sabres, Bandits, and Bisons as well.

  • Credit: Tyler Olson, ThinkStock
    Credit: Tyler Olson, ThinkStock

    Too Much Open Space

    Hoyt Park, Delaware Park, the Gaslight Falls, Devil's Hole State Park...way too much room to take a hike, walk your pup or enjoy the sunshine. Space that could totally be used for parking lots or apartment complexes instead.

  • Credit: Lise Gagne, ThinkStock
    Credit: Lise Gagne, ThinkStock

    There Are Too Many Good Dogs Running Around

    Whether it's Niagara Falls State Park or Elmwood Village, good dogs are welcome just about everywhere. Pups running around everywhere, looking to be patted on the head or to lead you on a jog.

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