It has been a very dry July for much of the country including here in Western New York.

The National Weather Service in Buffalo has announced that parts of Western New York are currently in the middle of a drought.

  It will be a while before we have some more meaningful rain in the area. We have been well below normal for rainfall here in Western New York for the past 30 days.  

The start of June was very wet, almost too much rain and then all of sudden Mother Nature turned off the spigot and it has been dry across Western New York.

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The next chance for some meaningful rain will be coming up this Sunday evening. According to the National Weather Service, there is a 30% chance of rain for Sunday night and another slight chance for rain to continue on Monday.

Looking ahead, Accuweather is calling for a 55% chance of rain on Wednesday, July 20th, and Thursday, July 21st. It is supposed to be warm and muggy those days, so a pop-up Thunderstorm is possible but it won't be the soaking that your lawn needs and wants.

It looks like July 26th will be the next real rain in Western New York. There is an 80% of rain with almost a quart inch of rain expected on that Tuesday.

So it looks like the sprinklers will be out and about for the next couple of weeks here in the 716.

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