Cold Brew.

Dad Bod.

Man Bun.

These are just a few of the 300 new words just added to Dictionary.com.  The new adds include anything from current headlines to fashion trends and pop culture.  Consider it a gift to those of us who are definitely NOT millennials.


But before you go "feeling old", remember...this is not a NEW thing.  Those born between 1981 and 1997 aren't the only ones who contributed to ever-changing, ever-evolving slang.


For instance, I was born in 1974.  My vernacular was an 80s glossary of terms my parents couldn't understand either.  At any given point during the decade, it was a given that "rad", "tubular", or "gag me with a spoon" (interchangeable with "barf me out") would fall from my lips.  For the other generations:

  • rad --> amazing
  • tubular --> awesome
  • gag me --> gross! nasty!

(Here are some more, for a nice walk down memory lane...which ones did you ALWAYS use?  Any of them you don't remember?)

In the 80s (and some of the 90s), we didn't have the handy reference guide that is Google, so we really had free reign over the English language.  But today, the internet is a reference tool for coolness checks:  we either check to see what a particular term means, or we're looking for a new way to refer to something (accurately) to appear totally contemporary.

Who knows, maybe in the year 2035 we'll be wishing we were still saying "slay" and "hangry"..."struggle bus" or "sext".

Almost all of us are using words today we didn't use 5 or 10 years ago.  But what 80s words do you totally still use?  

(See what I did there?)




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