This is admittedly a delicate subject, but one BOTH Eric and I have seen as of late in our Facebook feeds.

It's funerals.

It's "trendy" enough that there's even an entire site dedicated to these (ridiculous) photos.  And Eric and I hate it.

And not just at the funerals themselves, but pre-funeral.  Obviously, when you're going to pay your respects, you dress appropriately and look nice.  But that's because you're showing respect to the departed and the family.

It's not about YOU.  It's about the one who's passed on.

Not for some, though.  It seems to also bring with it an opportunity to...solicit compliments?

Have you seen this "trend"?
What's the most inappropriate place to take a selfie?

From our text line:

Tammy / Tonawanda:  I was at the 911 memorial in NYC and people were taking selfies!!

Katie / Hamburg: Worst selfie I've seen.  Sad face in front of a hospital. Tagged: "Saying goodbye to grandma". I couldn't believe it! So inappropriate

Jeremy / Buffalo: I once received a picture message of my friends mother laying in her casket. That is how I found out about the death of this woman. And it was several after the fact. Morbid. Yes. Disgusting. Yes. Do I think she was resting in peace? No. I would not want my picture sent out after I'm laying there in a casket

Johanna / Kenmore: I once saw a photo posted of an entire family around a casket and underneath it the caption read rest in peace grandma. They were all smiling!

Jeff / Hamburg: Not at funerals, but I've seen people taking selfies at the memorial pools at the World Trade Center site. Disgusting.

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