If you have kids who love watching TV shows and movies on Disney Plus, some major changes are coming that could impact you.

Most people have several different streaming services and in order to save some money, they might end up sharing the password for these services with other people.

Last year Netflix made a big deal about cracking down on password sharing stating that the company was losing money when people who pay for the service shared it with people who weren't part of their plan.

Current Disney + users will soon get an email form the company explaining that they are not allowed to share their password to anyone who isn't part of their plan.

New users will see the language changed in the contract that you sign saying that password sharing isn't allowed and that you could lose your right to service if you do share.

Officials with Disney have not explained how they plan on cracking down on password sharing. They might try to use the same system that Netflix is using. According to their data, Netflix added millions of new users after they started cracking down on password sharing.

Netflix also added a $8 fee if you wanted to share your password. Disney + hasn't announced if they will do something like this for their members.

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So if you currently share a password and want to keep watching Disney movies, Marvel movies, and Star Wars movies, you might soon have to pay for your own Disney + subscription.

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