We are all probably just a door handle or a sneeze away from a cold, or the flu. We all have seen the signs that pop up this time of year about, inoculations and vaccinations. But there are some maladies that you may not even know were contagious:

1.  Nail fungus - especially in warm and damp environments or if you share footwear.

2.  Sinus infections -  most causes of sinusitis are caused by viruses, which can be easily transmitted.

3.  Poison Ivy - poison ivy is an oil, so if someone touches the affected area it can spread.

4.  Ringworm - a fungal infection that can be spread by contact with an individual or clothing, towels, and shared surfaces.

5.  Scarlet Fever - is borne out of Strep Throat, and can be spread by contact, coughing or sneezing.

6.  Shingles - are blisters that carry the virus (herpes zoster), which also causes Chicken pox.

There are more including things like scabies and impetigo.  Check out the complete post here.

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