A few weeks ago on the Dave & Melody show we were talking about jingles that stick in your head. Well, we sang the Cellino & Barnes Jingle... Call 854-2020 and the internet went nuts!


That is their "Real" number as Cellino and Barnes started right here in WNY. Well, they became so successful that they decided to go national... (800)888-8888 (same Melody ha!)

Well, former American Idol Contestant, Katherine McPhee decided to make a video and called it the #TheCellinoandBarnesChallenge

You can check out there video here:


Now Cellino and Barnes are welcoming this and the videos keep pouring in. If you type in the Cellino and Barnes Challenge on Youtube the videos that come up are absolutely hilarious! From people swishing water in their mouth, brushing their teeth, jumping in the lake, it is definitely something that will make you laugh.

This is definitely the type of challenge that I would LOVE to take part in and we are so happy that we started a positive trend... Better than that KiKi Challenege... yikes!



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