It won’t be long until Meghan Markle, our own American Princess, and Prince Harry  will become parents!

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Since October, when Kensington Palace  announced Meghan’s pregnancy, there had been loads of speculation over just how far along Meghan was.  But, recently Meghan revealed that she is due in late April, so around 7 weeks from today.

Yahoo news reported that Meghan let out the due date on a recent visit to a rural English village.

"During the couple’s visit to the town of Birkenhead, the Duchess of Sussex  told the crowd when she’s due to give birth to their first child."

Meghan also talked with well-wishers, here is a precious response,

“We asked her how her pregnancy was going?   She said well  and she tapped her tummy,”

How great is it, that this wee baby will be 1/2 American?  If you were like me and got up for Diana's wedding, this will be such a fun event.  Still can't quite believe Harry is such a grown-up.  Diana would be so proud.

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