Buffalo might as well be known as the Chicken Wing Capital Of The World. After all, they created a “Buffalo” sauce, named after our city. 

While Buffalo is the best place to get wings, and there is no doubt about that, there may be stipulations about how to eat them. 

Of course, we prefer to have them warm and fresh, but what about when it comes to leftover wings?

Wings in Buffalo are just too good to leave behind at a restaurant. If you can’t finish them, it’s an automatic rule of thumb to take a box of leftovers home with you. 

But once you are home, how do you go about eating them? Do you reheat the wings?

Turns out, most Western New Yorkers would discourage you from reheating your wings. 

After a poll on the Buffalo subReddit, it has become clear that a majority of Western New Yorkers seem to eat their wings cold from their fridge.

And get this? Some are even saying that cold wings are just as good as fresh cooked wings. 

One person shared a hack for those who prefer to eat their wings warm, even if it is reheated. 

They said, “Heating a few pieces back up on a covered pan with a few drops of water added to the side for roughly 5 minutes is vastly superior to the microwave.”

Maybe it’s the microwave that changes the overall taste. 

Another person shared that when they choose to reheat their leftover wings, they will use a toaster oven because it is “almost as good as fresh and hot…[and] they get a really nice crisp to them.”

Who knew there were so many different ways to prepare your leftover wings?

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