It's great to be friendly with your co-workers, it can even make the workday more enjoyable and...

It’s nice to have a sounding board when your controlling boss starts micro-managing you, or someone who can lend you a desk sweater when the air-conditioning has turned your office into a veritable tundra.

But for all the potential friends among your colleagues, you’re better off staying clear of some people.

1.  The Know-It-All.  They don't think they ever need anyone's input.  Then when things go wrong, they won't own up to it, and might even make you their scapegoat.

2.  The Martyr.  They complain to you all the time about how they have to do other people's work, or that they're not treated fairly.  Just be careful, because they might be saying similar things about YOU to other people.

3.  The Soul-Sucker.  Someone who asks for a lot of advice and support from you, but gives nothing in return.

4.  The Chit-Chatter.  Catching up after the weekend is one thing.  Just stay clear of the person who doesn't know when to stop.  Too much chit-chat can jam up your entire day.

And...if you notice that you exhibit one or more of these traits may be the time for a course correction.

(Huff Post)


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