Going to work daily may already cause you anxiety.  How would you feel if you had an enemy at work? Somebody that flat out despises you.

In a recent Totaljobs study 62% of people say they have a colleague or someone at their place of employment they consider to be their work enemy.

Defined as a colleague with whom people struggle to get along with, work enemies are causing many of us to experience difficulties within our place of work and often make it harder for us to switch off at home.

Some of the things that make an individual a work enemy, because I know you are wondering;

  • They lie to benefit themselves
  • They make a point of interrupting
  • They are critical of others

Other ways of determining your work enemy according to the study...they are usually...

the same age as us or older . . . the same gender as us . . . and someone we interact with on a daily basis.

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