Work is not always easy, but it shouldn't be depressing or something that you dread. Also even if you aren't personal friends with your co-workers you should still be able to trust them.

Here are some signs that you shouldn't trust a co-worker:

  • They're overly dramatic - usually playing the victim
  • They gossip a lot - if they are gossiping about others, they are probably gossiping about you as well
  • The are constantly kissing-up to the boss - always working to get ahead
  • They disrespect you - steal your ideas, don't give you credit
  • They shift the blame to everyone other than themselves

When it comes to untrustworthy coworkers, sometimes your colleagues are just a sign of a larger problem. Your company's work culture might be encouraging a dog-eat-dog environment.

Carolyn Betts, founder and CEO of recruiting and talent firm Betts Recruiting, tells Business Insider...

"It's important that employees feel genuinely supported and able to be supportive most of the time," Betts says. "Fostering a healthy environment will lead to a company's success, and the lack thereof could be its demise."

(Business Insider)

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