A simple button could help you save money this winter while still keeping your home nice and warm.

Everyone is predicting that our heating costs are going to increase in 2023 but if you do one simple thing you could end up saving some money and still feel nice and toasty.

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We all know that hot air rises and if you could recycle that air into your house, you would be able to stay warm and wouldn't have to run your furnace as much.

If you have ceiling fans, the good is that you can recycle the warm air. Not many people know but there is a button on most ceiling fans that allow it to change direction. If you flip that switch and have rotation in reverse, instead of blowing cold air, it will take the warm air from the ceiling and push it down over the room.

In the Summer, you want to run your ceiling fan counter-clockwise to help push the air down and over you causing the cooling effect.

In the Winter, you want to run your ceiling fan in a clockwise direction. This allows the ceiling fan to pull the warm air from the top of the room and forces it down to where you are, helping you keep warm.

A simple flip of a switch can make a big difference in how warm or cool your room is. So this winter makes sure your fans are rotating the correct way to keep you warm.

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