No, "Driving While Wearing a Ferret" is NOT an actual offense. But it was the basis of one Canadian man's recent traffic ticket.

Edmonton police issued a ticket for distracted driving because he had his ferret around his neck.

This story tickles me for two reasons: one, because it reminds me of this commercial:

And two, because I used to have ferrets —three of them, actually. Their names were Ferris, Veruca, and Snodly Snodgrass. And they were wonderful.

And I did drive with them, and I did allow them to sit on my shoulder or wrap around my neck. When they're well-trained, they very much enjoy the companionship, and don't do much more than snuggle. I loved my ferrets.

Ferrets can be considered an "exotic" pet.  Do you or someone you know have a "weird" pet? Lets see who's got the weirdest domesticated pet in Western New York! 

By the way, did you catch the bird who sings just as good as (if not better than) Rihanna in Eminem's "The Monster?"  This bird's pretty amazing!


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