Have you ever tried a cake pop?  It's the latest craze in baking!  Basically it's cake on a stick covered in creamy chocolate!  YUMMY!

Some of the beautifully decorated cake pops I have seen over the past year look like they would be pretty difficult to make.  One taste, and you know they're something special.  I just had to figure out how to make them!

Initially, I googled cake pop recipes and found they're actually a cake that is baked, then crumbled up and mixed with frosting, rolled into balls and covered in chocolate.  The frosting on the inside explains why they're so moist and creamy!  Double YUM!

I wanted to try to make them at home, but I am generally so short on time that I had to come up with a shortcut.  I did, and here's what you will need:

Six store bought cupcakes  (I bought mine at Tops, chocolate with both vanilla and chocolate frosting and sprinkles!)

Chocolate candy making discs (Chocolate, vanilla or any flavor)

Candy making sticks (optional)

Here's how to make them:

Scrape the frosting off of half of the cupcakes and set aside.  Then blend the cupcakes, yes some with frosting, in your mixer.  The result should be a doughy substance.  You can add some or all of the remaining frosting depending on your taste.

Roll the mixture into balls.

Melt the chocolate discs (as per package directions).

If you are planning on using sticks, first dip one end of the stick into the melted chocolate and place it into the balls one at a time.  Allow the chocolate to dry, bonding the stick and ball together.

Once it is set, you can dip the entire cake pop into the melted chocolate.  Set aside to dry.  (You can either just set them down on wax paper if you like, or place the stick into styrofoam to allow the cake pop to dry without flattening out on one side.)

Mine are not as pretty as some of the cake pops I have seen professionally made, but they are still really tasty!  Enjoy!

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