When it comes to organized fashion you might think NYC.  Yet, Buffalo might be back on the radar.

New York's Fashion Week Continues
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Buffalo Rising talks about the trend,

There was a time when Buffalo had its own version of Fashion Week, though that eventually fizzled out. Recently, there have been efforts name to keep the local fashion dream alive.

Two fashionistas are behind this push: Novi Paluch (Sasmita Batik) and Tamora Lee (Rebel Behavior)


Then there’s Molly Hoeltke Worth who opened up The Factory Buffalo in 2019, and Arlene Kay who is the founder/owner of Fashion Lab NY (FLNY).

And then there is the,

Fashion and Textile Technology (FTT) Department, which is always good for an annual runway event or two. Also, we can’t forget about people like Dennis Wilson Jr. who publishes Panoramic Magazine, while promoting fashion-forward events like the All White Affair.

" Curious about what the future of fashion beholds in Buffalo" Buffalo Rising reached out to local model Kimberly Bach, whose played a big roll in Buffalo fashion shoots.  Her thoughts,

There are so many hidden talents here,” said Bach, who is also a licensed cosmetologist. “Buffalo is like the speakeasy of the fashion world. We need to get everyone together to create that scene again. Buffalo deserves it

We so deserve it, clothes are such fun!

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