What ever happened to, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all?”

Seems like a few Western New Yorkers have forgotten that golden rule – and the fact that we have a reputation to uphold as the “City of Good Neighbors” means that we are way overdue for fixing it.

Now, this article is not to say that everyone is a bully, but rather a few bad eggs tend to spoil the batch. It’s similar to the way the entire world rode off cops and local authorities in 2020 – cops serve for justice, but are all of them good? The answer is no, but most of them are.

The same goes for nurses, teachers, hair stylists, and every profession you can think of.

Most people are kind, good-hearted individuals, but those people who are absolutely nasty, spreading unnecessary hate and negativity – those people are, unfortunately, the loudest. 

One Buffalo TV reporter from WIVB Channel 4 had enough with the haters, and she decided to clap back.

The critic’s email said, “I like your reporting but cannot actually watch. Your wardrobe sucks !! If I were epileptic it would trigger a seizure. It is distracting , loud , and if this isn’t clear enough … your wardrobe screams trash. Please wear one color outfits that do not distract from your reporting. I think it’s a shame the station hasn’t done something about this.”

Can I respond? As a female media professional.

I think it’s a shame how many people feel like they need to tear down other people that they, frankly, do not even know. And for what? Because you don’t like something?

I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but what makes you think that we want to hear what you think of us? 

We show up to work to do our job, and if you don’t like someone’s outfit or the fact that someone is 20 years younger than you thought they would look or maybe they have an accent you don’t like…the only one that cares is you.

Though it is kind of funny when you see the social media keyboard warriors in the flesh, and they never have the guts to tell you what they have been posting all over social media about you (we see it, we read it, we know your name). We just don’t care enough to respond – usually.

It’s the same thing with celebrities, too. I had a friend that always talked badly about One Direction, but then they saw Harry Styles by pure chance in New York City, and suddenly they only have nice things to say. 

Amy, if you saw Heather Prusak in downtown Buffalo, would you dare to say to her face, “Your wardrobe screams trash?”

I think people forget that while people in the media may be in the public eye, we’re also human, as you may have forgotten. 

It’s the same reason why you should have more patience with baristas who accidentally serve you the wrong drink, dinner hosts that have trouble locating your reservation, dentists and doctors who have to adjust your appointment date, car repair men (and women) who have to push back your oil change, and so on and so on.

It’s not too late to thaw your heart and find some empathy. 

So if you’re a keyboard warrior, why?

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