The Minnesota DOT just had a "plow naming contest" where they named their new plow.  What would we name ours here in Buffalo?

What do you do when your department of transportation gets a new snow plow?  If you're the Minnesota DOT, you have the community name it!  Why not?  People name their tools and their cars all the time.  It's going to be a savior for a lot of people.  Why not let them make their own personal connection to it?

They came up with some great ideas.  Some of the front runners were:

  • "Ctrl Salt Delete"
  • "The Big Leplowski"
  • "Plowasaurus Rex"
  • "Scoop Dogg"
  • "Blizzard of Oz"
  • "No More Mr. Ice Guy"
  • "Edward Blizzardhands"

But the one that was able to take home the trophy was:  Betty Whiteout

If you've ever watched the show "The Golden Girls," you know that Betty White's character Rose Nylund was actually from Minnesota.  After her passing in December, it was a no-brainer that Betty Whiteout would be the winner.  It was a pretty big step up from last year's winner, Plowy McPlowface.

Because we are a bunch of radio people here we started to come up with some of our own "very Buffalo" names that we think would win in a plow naming contest here.

Some of our favorites inlcude:

  • Salt-jaquada
  • Mark Polonplowz
  • Grand Iceland
  • Plowson Knox
  • The Josh Allen Express
  • Orchard Plow
  • Mayor Byron Plow
  • Ice Slasher-Table Smasher
  • In A Flurry And Don't Know Why
  • Let's Snow Buffalo
  • Tre'Davious Whiteout (Yeah...we copied them...but if they can do it, why can't we??)
  • Slush Allen
  • Snow Girl (Hey...Shark Girl worked)
  • Winterstate 90
  • The Big Blue Ice Plower
  • Lake Effect Plow
  • Wingman

What would you name your Buffalo plow if you could?

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