It looks like Western New Yorkers will lose another place to dine in just a couple of months.

Located on Elmwood Ave, The Taste of Siam announced on their Instagram page that they would be closing down next March.

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According to their Instagram page, The Taste of Siam will close its doors on March 25th.  Here is the proposed schedule for the closing of the restaurant.

Last Day for Take Out and Dine In  - Saturday March 4.
Take Out Only  - March 7 - March 25
Last Day for Take Out and the Doors Will close at 9 pm - March 25.


Taste of Siam has been in business for 10 years. Well it looks like Taste Of Siam will be closing, the family behind the restaurant says that they might be back in the restaurant business soon. They said to follow them on social media for more details.

The good news is that there are plenty of other restaurants on Elmwood Ave to enjoy dinner or lunch at.

They include Cole's, Inizo, JT's Restaurant, Iron Tail Tavern, and Jackrabbits.

Taste of Siam is joining the list of four restaurants that already have closed so far in 2023 in Buffalo and Western New York.

The good news is that several new ones opened up at that same time, including the new Asian restaurant Chinese 007 in the town of Hamburg.

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