I couldn't believe the passion, the fervor, the intensity, the spirit....behind this morning's question:  Is it ever ok to wear pajamas while you shop?


When I go to the grocery store, the LAST thing on my mind is what I'm wearing. Typically I'm there after the gym, so I've got my hair in a ponytail, sometimes a baseball hat, and lose-fitting jogging pants on over my workout clothes.  I'm a mess.

ON OCCASION (despite what Eric would have you believe), I HAVE gone in some baggy, plaid PJ bottoms.  Hey, I'm not there to make a fashion statement.  I'm there to get brussel spouts and chicken breasts.

Here's what YOU had to say on our text line:

Chrissy / Buffalo: Pajama pants in south buffalo is a tradition Lmao

Aaron / Buffalo: I agree with Laura with shopping in pajamas is ok , when my girlfriend and I go shopping she will wear her dinosaur onesie and every now and then she will change it up and put on her UNICORN one (that one's for you Laura) but that's mostly later at night

Cyndi / Getzville: Never ok to wear pjs out. Work out gear ok but seriously, how much effort does it take to throw on a pair of jeans? I work at a local college. These kids roll out of bed and come straight to school. They STINK, nasty sleep funk. Do they really think they can do that with a REAL job?

Natalie / Hamburg: It's never okay to wear pajamas to the grocery store... Yoga pants yes....pj's no.

Dawn/Fredonia: It's not ok dress in pj's to go shopping!! Drives me crazy!! It's so sloppy!! I'm sorry! I love you Laura but I totally agree with Eric!!!!

Jeffrey / Buffalo: Pajamas may be upgrade for some at Walmart, lol

Candy / Niagara Falls: Absolutely....The way PJs look now I go out in them all the time to the grocery store..Zebra print and snow men print...Very appropriate

Your thoughts?

King of Prussia Black Friday Shopping
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