Getting home or out of town will prove to be more difficult than usual in New York.

A major power outage in Cheektowaga has caused issues at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

  So far this morning there are several delays with flights leaving the airport. Most of the early flights have been pushed back due to the power outage.  

Officials with the airport are asking travelers to call their airline before heading to the airport. You can see the list of delays anytime HERE.

As of this writing, flights to Orlando, New York City, Baltimore, and Washington DC are just some of the departures that have been delayed by the power outage.

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Today is usually a busy travel day for Western New Yorkers as many people who visited for the 4th of July holiday are looking to head back home or people are looking to kick off their summer vacation.


According to the NYSEG website, power is expected to be back at full power by later this morning. You can see the latest outages anytime by clicking HERE

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