Everyone has a bucket list. Something that you want to do at least once before you leave this Earth.

Here in the 716, if you grew up here or are now living here there are certain things that are on the bucket list that you must do before you leave Western New York. These are things that will let everyone know that you are a true Buffalonian.

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This bucket list includes a wide range of things, from grabbing a beer in Canada on your 19th birthday to watching the amazing rushing water of the 7th wonder of the World Niagara Falls.

Some of these things you can do as a kid and some of these things can only be done as an adult but that is the best thing about living in Western New York. There are so many amazing things to do for everyone in the family. From the kids to grandparents Buffalo has a lot to offer everyone.

Of course, this only has 13 things on it. There is so much more to do and depending on where you grew up in Western New York there are some things you would want to see on this list. If you grew up in Eden, going to the Corn Festival would be a must. In Cheektowaga, having a pink flamingo somewhere on the lawn would have to happen at least once in your life. If you live in Orchard Park or Clarence, seeing a Bills or Sabres player in their driveway would be on the list.

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