If there was ever any doubt in a person's mind that the Buffalo mass shooter was filled with hatred for Black people, this video should clear it up. Payton Gendron of Conklin, New York, about 200 miles southeast of Buffalo, drove into the city and targeted a Tops Friendly Market in an African-American neighborhood. He took the lives of 10 innocent people and injured three others. He changed families and lives forever with this horrific shooting. The horrific tragedy is considered a hate crime and is being investigated as such. The shooter had a manifesto that described was filled with racism.

Now, a new piece of video from his attack, which was live-streamed on Twitch, has surfaced. It shows him pointing his weapon at a white man, who appeared to be hiding on the floor near a register. When the shooter realizes the man is white (or looks to be in the video), he says "sorry" and heads in another direction - sparing the man's life.

For anyone who is claiming that it's not clear that the attack was racially-motivated, this video is just another piece of evidence that says otherwise.

Governor Kathy Hochul tweeted,

We must confront the threat that white supremacism poses to our society head-on. I have directed the @nyspolice Hate Crimes Task Force to assist in the investigation of the heinous shooting in Buffalo today.

***Warning - Video Can Be A Trigger For Some Viewers***

Hatred has no place here. We are heartbroken that this happened in our city and to our community. Please pray for the families and friends of the victims and for healing.

Tomorrow, there will be a peace, love and power gathering.

Provided by MVP (used with permission)
Provided by MVP (used with permission)

10 People Dead, Mass Shooting At Tops On Jefferson In Buffalo

Gallery Credit: Yasmin Young

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