When the pandemic started and safety measures took effect a Buffalo company saw this as an opportunity to make signs to remind customers to wear a mask, wash their hands, and keep a safe distance apart.

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Oxford Pennant, a Main Street-based manufacturer has according to WIVB-TV created a new line called Safework Signs that creates well-designed, colorful signs that remind people to follow safety protocol.

Oxford Pennant, a “Phase One” business, reopened this spring and are normally in the business of making vintage wool and cotton pennants.

“We started putting up signs across our workplace- all the signs that were available online looked very alarming, very scary, with big red letters,” Oxford Pennant co-founder David Horesh said. “We wanted something that looked cool and still reminded people to wear a mask, wash their hands.”

They started by making signs for friends, and soon found themselves making them for other small businesses, and now they are selling and shipping signs all over the world.

The signs are priced anywhere from $8 to $25 and they can be purchased here.


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