If you've ever dreamt of moving into a loft, then this tour is for you. Buffalo Rising has the story.

Modern interior with two sofas and ornge pillows 3D rendering
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"It was just about a decade ago that Buffalonians became enchanted with the notion of downtown living. That’s because developers were finally in full swing with their projects.

Then it happened,

Suddenly, people were clamoring to learn more about apartment rentals in some of the city’s most historic buildings.

One of the early tour groups to take advantage of this was Buffalo LIVING Tour.  They "focus on urban dwelling opportunities."

“Many rehabbed industrial and office buildings are coming online this summer, so these cool lofts and condos will make for a memorable tour on Saturday, May 23,” remarked Paul D. Maurer, Buffalo LIVING Tour chairman.

What's extra cool is that the tour is free!


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