Even though the Buffalo Bills were not in the Super Bowl on Sunday, they did suffer another Super Bowl loss.

In fact, it happened twice during the game on Sunday!


Buffalo Bills kicker Steve Christie held the record for longest field goal in Super Bowl history since 1994. Christie hit a 54-yarder during the Bills Super Bowl XXVIII lost to the Dallas Cowboys/ That was Buffalo's 4th consecutive Super Bowl loss.

Yesterday, early in the game San Francisco 49er rookie kicker Jake Moody set a new record when he nailed a 55-yard field goal.

But Moody wouldn't hold on to the record for 10 years like Christie did, he would only own the record for two quarters because Kansas City Chief kicker Harrison Butker kicked a 56-year field goal later in the game.

Twice Steve Christie's 10-year-old Super Bowl record was broken. The Buffalo Bills can't catch a break when it comes to Super Bowls.

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Hopefully next year the Bills will put all this bad Super Bowl mojo behind them and finally win one!

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