It looks like Buffalo native Jason Tartick's luck ran out in Thailand in his quest to be the last man with a rose.

During the latest episode of the Bachelorette, Jason was the odd man out as Becca chose to give out her final two roses.

In what was supposed to be the "Fantasy Suite" episode, Jason never made it into the room as Becca pulled the plug on their relationship before the end of the night.

Claiming that she couldn't spend the night with him in the suite knowing he wouldn't be getting a rose, she shocked Jason with her decision.

Jason later returned with a scrapbook and bared his soul to Becca hoping he could change her mind, but in the end, he was left standing without a rose!

The final two of Garrett and Blake will battle for the final rose next week on the Bachelorette!

Watch Jason say good-bye!


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