As we get ready for day number two of Blizzard conditions across New York there is one thing all homeowners or renters need to do. It could be life-saving.

As the snow starts to build up against your home you need to make sure that the vents from your furnace are cleared. If they get covered by snow or plugged up it could turn deadly.

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Most modern furnaces will shut off automatically if the furnace vents get blocked but not all do and if run the furnace and the vents are covered in snow it could cause carbon dioxide poising.


Even if you have a newer furnace that automatically shuts down if the vents are clogged you risk your home reaching freezing temperatures as the temperatures outside fall to well below freezing. Also if you happen to be stuck on the road in your vehicle, make sure the exhaust pipe is cleared if you are running your car.

There is still a travel ban in place for much of Western New York, so the best thing to do is stay where you are.

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