As we gear up for one of the biggest games of the young NFL season, there is something that all of Bills Mafia needs to stop doing.

The Bills are back at home at Highmark Stadium to take on their arch-rival the Miami Dolphins and now is the perfect time for Bills Mafia to step up their game and their vocabulary.

Bills Mafia needs to stop saying "SQUISH THE FISH"

I know, I think I am crazy and as a lifelong Bills fan I have yelled that phrase out over a thousand times in my life, but we now need to step up our game.

The reason why this chant is so wrong is that Dolphins are not fish, they are mammals. So yelling "Squish The Fish" doesn't really mean beating Miami.

Here are some other sayings we can use that makes more sense.


It is simple, it rhymes, and it does the job.

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Again, it gets the job done and is more correct than saying fish. At least this one addresses a dolphin, not a fish.


This one isn't great but it gives off the same vibes as "Squishing the Fish". You can "Mash the Mammal" just as easily as you can "Squish The Fish"

So this Sunday as the Bills host the Dolphins let's drop the "Squish The Fish" chants and add something that makes a lot more sense.

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