BUT if you're actively putting yourself out there to meet the "right one," then here is a list of the best chain restaurants for a first date...




Here is the best list for first dates:

1. Starbucks- Coffee is always great as a first date. You can buy your own and don't have to worry about who pays, etc... You can plan it out where you get there early too so that awkward so pays for what happens

2. Panera- I love Panera. This is also a great way to pay for yourself. Just be careful what you order. If you're anything like me, I spill things on myself, knowing my luck I will have salad stuck in my teeth, I hate all of that stuff, but it happens and it usually always happens to me.

3. Chick- Fil-A- Seeing that Chick- Fil-A is opening soon in Buffalo you can take advantage of it.

4. Texas Roadhouse- Who doesn't like a yummy steak. Just make sure you use your manners... Place the napkin on your lap, do not eat with your fingers, elbows off the table, and do not talk with your mouth full. You will have to figure out who pays, or go dutch but make sure you iron out those details before you go. That way there isn't that awkward moment.

You can see the full list here:

date spots

What do you think of this list? Where do you go for a first date?

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