This Thanksgiving and Christmas will be celebrated in a very different way because of the Covid-19 challenge.

Back in March when the pandemic began there was a suggestion that people put up their Christmas lights to spread joy and happiness in what was a very uncertain time.


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Now that November has arrived to send a message of faith, strength, and hope to the world, here at 96-1 The Breeze, we'd like your help to "Light Up Buffalo" for Christmas! Let's go on a decorating frenzy with a show of more lights and Christmas trees. Get your friends and neighbors involved, make your neighborhood a festival of lights…and together, we can be a beacon of light for each other as better times are coming in 2021. Beginning now and in the weeks to come let's "Light Up Buffalo"!

Check back often for more "Light Up Buffalo" activities from Buffalo's Official Christmas Music Station, 96.1 The Breeze.

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