The Holiday synonymous with overeating is on the much good food, and our eyes are definitely bigger than our stomachs.

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Well, I count calories in an attempt to stay at a reasonable weight, and I came across some great suggestions on how to avoid eating too much this holiday by using what's called a "Hunger Scale".

Here's are a few examples of a hunger scale:

  • 0 = Empty. I want to eat everything on the menu or the dinner table as well as dessert.
  • 2 = Really Hungry.  Thoughts of food are over-taking everything else...checking the horizon for fast food signs. I will likely go to the first one I come across.
  • 10 = Beyond Full.  Top button of the pants is undone, and I am uncomfortable, never want to see food again....need to lay down, but won't because that will make me feel worse. (Holiday meal)

For your reference  the actual Hunger Scale, from MIT Medical.

I always promise myself that I will never overindulge again, but I am a bachelor, I cook my own meals, and when I have the opportunity to have someone else cook, and there is not just one food, but MANY foods that I enjoy...I succumb.

Happy Thanksgiving and I wish you happy, healthy and nutritionally balanced holiday.

(My Fitness Pal)


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