COVID-19 Testing has always been problematic for Western New Yorkers.  Where to get it done, long lines, risk of exposure, is there a referral needed? Erie County and Niagara County residents, now have the option to be tested in their own homes according to a story aired on NEWS 4 BUFFALO (WIVB-TV).

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Adapt Wellness Services is a relatively new company is instituting the practice in this area.

The idea is the brainchild of local Nurse Practitioner Tanvir Shagar.

According to the report the company sends a healthcare worker to your home or business to perform a test. The sample then can be either sent to a lab or with the available rapid test you can get results in just 10 minutes.

Shagar worked to start this program when he noticed a gap in the community for testing.

“So they were showing up to Urgent Cares and the hospitals. And these people who were already at risk were sort of risking further exposure. Either they had coronavirus or they got it in the waiting room and they didn’t have it before, so they bring it back to their family when all they wanted was testing.”


It should be cautioned that this is NOT a free test, it costs $200 for a rapid test and $120 for a standard lab test.

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