If you run, jump or just go for healthy hikes and you are female, the endless quest for a great sport's bra may have eluded you.

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Seriously, there are some REALLY bad ones out there.

But, with the new year, there is some promise.  Redbull.com has taken on the challenge to help us find the best with these tips:

1. Consider if you want a “compression” or an “encapsulation” bra. As their name suggests, compression bras are designed to compress the breasts, pinning them down to prevent bounce they tend to be favored by those with a smaller bust and for lower intensity running.
2. Encapsulation” bras individually cup each breast, some with added under-wiring. This can reduce the movement of the breast in all directions and many find it more comfortable and flattering as it feels more like a traditional bra. They tend to be more suited to larger busts.
3.Can't decide which one you prefer? Then you can also get bras that combine the two elements – a good option for high intensity running, whatever your size.
4. Choose the right fit: A sports bra should be fitted in the same way as a standard bra but they do fit tighter in order to keep you more supported. A bra should be snug on the band. 
Lastly, the site offers loads of examples of women of all sizes, who just want to move.  Click here to read their stories on the joys of finding the right sports bra.  :-)
Now let's go out and play!

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