How attached are you to your cellphone?  Does it border on addiction?  If you realized that you left for work without your cellphone would you go back to get it?

Roughly 30% of people in relationships have been "phubbed".  What is "phubbed"?

 That's when the other person ignores you or doesn't hear you, because they're so focused on their phone.

Sound far-fetched? Not really. Almost half of people surveyed said they would pay more attention to their surroundings if they didn't have their phone.

One in nine smartphone users (11%) would be nervous about being 'disconnected from my online identity' if they went without their phones for a day.


  • Would you feel anxious without your phone
  • How often do you leave the house or office without your phone
  • When you move from room to room in your home do you take your phone with you
  • Would you feel a sense of relief if you ditched your phone for the day

Think about how you would answer these questions, and then check here for the survey results.  (YouGov)


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