It looks like April this year will be like every other month so far, a bit weird when it comes to the weather.

Most times here in Western New York, we see a couple of days of snow in the month of April, but it looks like this year it is going to be a little bit different.

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Genero is not the local meteorologist to call Winter over for Western New York.

It was a very weird Winter and because of two major snow events, this winter was one of the snowiest on record for Buffalo.

At the time of this writing, Buffalo received 133.6 inches of snow. That number was far above the average amount of snow that falls in the area. On average Buffalo gets around 93.7 inches of snow per Winter season. If this number hold, this winter would end up being the 5th snowiest on record in Buffalo according to the National Weather Service.

Here is a list of the winters with the most snow on record in Buffalo, according to the NWS:

1976-77: 199.7″
2000-01: 158.7″
1977-78: 154.3″
1995-96: 141.1″
2022-23: 133.6″

So while the snow might be gone now, people will always remember this Winter as one of the snowiest in Buffalo's history.

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