The AFC & NFC Championship games did not live up to the hype.  In the end, the Atlanta Falcons routed the Packers, and the New England Patriots took down the Steelers without breaking a sweat.


Now it's no secret, I am not a fan of Tom Brady.  Most of WNY and the country also falls into this category.  There is so much not to like (the whining, the cheating, the coddling by officials), but lets focus on the fact that he just set the Superbowl record by making it to his 7th.  I think I'm going to be sick.

Panic Attack

The only thing standing in his way from winning his 5th (another record unfortunately) are the Atlanta Falcons.  Needless to say, all of our hopes and prayers to the Football Gods need to be directed to them.  I can't handle watching the Patriots win again.  It's just not right!


If the new Bills Head Coach is reading this (and I know you are Sean, we appreciate your support), please figure out a way to stop them next season.  They have put a dark cloud over our football team and we need to be back in the sun again!  Make it happen!!


In the meantime, GO FALCONS!  Beat down those Pats and send Brady into an early retirement.

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