It is Monday and if you are looking for a shining light as we start a new week of school and work, this video is it.

For many many years, Ton Brady was, and maybe still is, the most hated sports player in Western New York. As members of the Bills Mafia, we saw Brady dominate not only the NFL but our beloved Buffalo Bills.

So this week when a video surfaced of Brady playing golf like most of us from Western New York, we knew we had to share it and share it often.


For too many years, Tom Brady was the peak of sports perfection. Up or down, you knew when he had the ball against the Buffalo Bills, he was going to make a play.

In fact, Brady was so good, he has a career record of 33-3 against the Buffalo Bills. He even beat our own QB1 four times, while never losing to Josh Allen.

So if you have been a Bills Mafia member from the start, go ahead and enjoy this video. Watch once, twice, three times, or more! Remember how it felt every time Brady would come to Buffalo and beat the Bills. Then watch this video. I guarantee you will feel much better about yourself.

There is the best player ever to play in the National Football League hitting what has to be one of the worst tee shots ever at Pebble Beach by anyone!!

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As a member of Bills Mafia, I LOVE this video.

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