We can all use some good news.  So, how abut this one involving some sweet Dunkirk police officers.


Channel 7 News shared this story, this morning,

"A four-year-old boy received a gift from Dunkirk police after he "backed them up," in March.  DPD says officers were on a traffic stop in March when they observed four-year-old Gauge riding his toy police motorcycle with his dad nearby. When officers completed the stop they invited Gauge and his dad, Jeremy Dolce, to a parking lot to take a picture with the police vehicles."

Can you imagine how excited you would have been as a four year old?

Apparently Gauge received the toy motorcycle last Christmas because he wants to be a police officer when he grows-up.  His goal: to " makes sure everyone is buckled up and not speeding when in a car."

Adorable, right?  :-)

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