Alex Trebek likely saved Chuck Paulausky's life, thanks to "Jeopardy!"...

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"I found out about this whole thing by mistake," said Chuck Paulausky. "I was lucky enough to happen to turn on Jeopardy on the day he happened to do his public service announcement."

Alex Trebek, hosted “Jeopardy!” for more than 30 years with charm and a touch of what's been described as "schoolmaster strictness".

AZ Family tells us that one day at the opening of the show Trebek was going over early warning signs for pancreatic cancer.

"I just listened to what he had to say and was just thinking, I had been having an upper abdomen pain for a week or so and started looking at the early warning signs that he was outlining," said Paulausky.

Paulausky subsequently went to the doctor, and tests confirmed that he had the often difficult to diagnose cancer.

"I came in with stage one, which is about as low as you can get, and catching it that early is really unusual," said Paulausky.

He went through cancer treatment about the same time as the "Jeopardy!" host.

"If I hadn't been paying attention, if I hadn't stumbled across Alex Trebek's recording, his public service announcement, I wouldn't be here," said Paulausky. This week, Paulausky went in for, hopefully, his last procedure.

Although Trebek lost his life to the disease, Paulausky hopes his message can save others like him.


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