We were all saddened by the news that Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek passed away over the weekend, but the game show is moving forward with scheduled episodes including one today (11/10) on WIVB-TV that features a Buffalo native.

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Melissa Givens was raised in Buffalo and remembers always watching Jeopardy! with her family.

“I have always loved quiz shows and random trivia, and if there’s a weird question people always ask me what it is. My mother calls me the mistress of minutiae,” Givens said.


So with a little urging, she decided to try out for the show.

“I have a friend who was on Jeopardy! Several years ago, and I think every year when the national test is announced he posts it on Facebook and I just happened to see it,” Givens told us.

Givens, who now lives in California took the test to compete on the game show and didn’t think anything of it. Months later, she got a call to go through the qualification process.

She says she’s thrilled to be able to represent her hometown of Buffalo on the popular quiz show.

“Jeopardy’s kind of got a cultural cachet and to know somebody, or to know somebody who knows somebody who has been on jeopardy is apparently a thing so I’m enjoying it, I’m enjoying the ride.”

WIVB-TV spoke to Givens prior to the death of the beloved host, Alex Trebek.

In a statement, she said of his passing:

“It’s difficult to imagine the show without Trebek and being chosen to be a Jeopardy! contestant will remain one of the high points of my life. Being among Alex Trebek’s last contestants is a deeply bittersweet honor.”

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