James Holzhauer, the Jeopardy! champ who dominated 32 games and won $2,462,216, made a recent donation to a Naperville, Ill. pancreatic cancer walk in Alex Trebek's name. Trebek is currently battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

During what would be Holzhauer's final episode, Trebek thanked Holzhauer's daughter for a handmade card. "I want to express my thanks to your beautiful little daughter, Natasha, for having made this get well card for me," Trebek said. "That was very sweet of her."


Holzhauer, who isn't going to be in Naperville for the walk, donated $1,109.14, representing the birthday of his daughter, Natasha, who made Trebek the card. On the donation website, he wrote, "For Alex Trebek and all the other survivors."

Pancreatic cancer is ranked as one of the most serious cancers. Frequently people aren't diagnosed until the latter stages of the disease.


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