Do you ever grab the magazines in the check-out aisle, and feel like you can't relate?  Seems like everyone else is 'doing' the new thing and your not.

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Well, According to Purewow an online magazine, we are supposed to be into these trends this summer.

1) Lacy swimwear

2)  Bracelet Parties

 The latest trend in get-togethers: bracelet parties. Here’s how it works: Invite all your friends, pay a fee, create custom bracelets (either at home or at a showroom,  shmooze over snacks and wine, and voilà! The grown-up version of your 6-year-old birthday party. 

3) No Gift Weddings

It’s true: Millennials like cash over registry items.   A recent study by money app Zelle found that a whopping 84 percent of couples preferred those dolla dolla bills over the KitchenAid mixer. Cons: You lose the intimacy of knowing Sam and Tanya put those fancy Williams Sonoma pans to good use.

4)  Anklets

Whatever the case, your favorite middle-school accessory is back... wear with your favorite sandals have replaced the rainbow embroidery threads and plastic letter beads of your youth.

If you are still not relating, I'm with you.

For the full list click ;-)

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