How many TSA employees do you think there are in the United States?  How about some 50,000.  Wow!  That's a lot of folks at our checkpoints, that have seen some oddities, and that's not just the people :-)  

Bearded lumberjack drinking beer.

Writes Channel 2 today,

We had a chance to sit down with David Johnston, a career federal government employee now charged with managing the TSA’s social media efforts. While many agencies have a social presence, the TSA’s accounts feel a bit less formal — they play a hybrid role of sorts, serving to entertain as well as inform.

While the TSA is trying to keep our skies safe, they still are surprised that people aren't getting it.

“There are firearms that show up at airports everyday, there are countless numbers of pocket knives and things like that,” Johnston said. “We could fill our Instagram feed with that, but while we want to emphasize that message, there are a lot of items that people might not think about being prohibited, or being a potentially dangerous item — an engraved ax that someone gives their spouse for a wedding present, a snake that was packed in someone’s suitcase and slithered out "

For a check of the artifacts click here.

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