Buzzfeed released a survey of Gross Food Habits that Val Townsend and I reviewed on our show today.  Some are obvious, but ultimately we are all guilty of most of these.  If you missed it, here are my Top 5 Gross Food Habits...


1. Licking your plate clean - This means literally licking your plate clean. Tongue to plate.  I am a Buffalo Gentleman so this is something I haven't done, but Val Townsend fessed up and admitted to doing this.  Not only did she do it, but she did it in public at a restaurant.

2. Eat food off the floor - We have all used the 3 to 5 second rule (and in some cases 10) to eat off of the floor.  Not something you want to do on every floor and with every food, but lets not be dramatic either.  Floor cleaner can add a little zip to the taste!

3. Food all over your face - This implies eating, getting food on your face, and continuing to eat without wiping it.  Guilty.  I'm doing it right now while writing this!

4. Eating off of your clothes - I may be a Buffalo Gentleman, but if I spill on my clothes I will still eat it.  To be honest, I don't even know what a Buffalo Gentleman is, but whoever they are they do not let a piece of cloth stop them.

5. Talk while you're eating - Everybody is guilty of this at one time or another.  I try not to make a habit of it, but sometimes the conversation just can't wait until I swallow my chicken wings.  I am a Buffalo Gentleman for God's sake!


How many of these are you guilty of?  I can guarantee 4 out of 5 for sure...don't lie...

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