Would you try this new drink from Starbucks?



Starbucks just rolled out one of their newest Holiday flavors...









Christmas Tree!

Wait... What? Christmas Tree? Yup, It's called a juniper latte and it tastes like a Christmas Tree. First, I don't know what a Christmas Tree smells like. I only adore the smell of them in my home. But, now you can actually taste it? I don't know about this?

I mean there are worse flavors out there. I just don't know if I could get myself to actually try this. I can be really daring sometimes. This really doesn't do it for me.

For me, I will stick with my white chocolate mocha or peppermint mocha but that's as far as I will go. I can't get into all these weird flavors. I like sticking with the classics anyway!

What is your favorite Starbucks drink? Would you spend your money on this to try it?


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