Have you ever heard of this burger? Yeah well, neither have I!


A burger joint in California has a brand new burger and it is called....

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

"The Magical Burger!" Yup! The Magical Burger! But, is it really magical?

It starts with four burger patties with cheese.

Ok this doesn't sound too bad... Big, but not too bad.

Then, a rainbow bagel as the bun. O.k. Still with ya!

Three aioli sauces, one of which is a BANANA KETCHUP aioli um.... I think you lost me!

Colorful Marshmallows... (You definitely lost me)

and to top it off? Rainbow sprinkles.

This sounds absolutely gross! Would you eat something like this? I have never had a burger with sprinkles on it and banana ketchup. They even have marshmallows on it.. Ugh! I dunno if I could do it.

Here is what it looks like:


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