If you missed the story earlier this week, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is looking to ban the use of plastic bags at grocery stores starting in January 2019!

Well...we wanted to show that plastic bags can be used for good and not end up in landfills! After doing some digging, we found this awesome article by This Old House about reusing plastic bags.

Here are some clever ways to reuse plastic bags: (According to This Old House)

1. Keep Your Jeans Clean

Cut holes in the bottom of two bags and wear the bags like kneepads to protect your pants while you're gardening.


2. Save Time After a Storm

Expecting snow or sleet? Tie plastic bags around your car's side-view mirrors so that you don't have to scrape ice off them; just yank the bags off and you're on your way.

3. Fill in Gaps

Stuff plastic bags into cavities around pipes, ducts, or other wall or floor penetrations to provide a substrate before filling voids with spray foam or caulk.


4. Protect Fruit

In late fall, tie plastic bags over nearly ripe fruit on a tree to keep out bugs and guard against frost damage.


5. Apply Waxes and Creams

Use a bag as a mitt to spread furniture wax or polish. Then buff to a shiny finish using a soft, dry cloth.



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