Nice, legit-sun-soaked-crisp-fresh Spring days are few and far between in WNY. By the way, snow is in the forecast for this week. So take it in while you can, here's the 12 things every Western New Yorker does the second it gets nice out.

1. Wash your car. If there were no other way to tell the weather outside, you could judge the niceness of the day, by the length of lines at Delta Sonic.

2. Clean out the inside of your car. See above: lines at Delta Sonic. Also, notice how many of your neighbors have lugged a vacuum cleaner into their driveways.

3. Wear shorts. If it's sunny and at least 40 degrees, shorts are pretty much expected.

4. Go to the hardware store and start a project. You know, that one you've been thinking about doing since fall.

5. Pick up all of the sticks that have accumulated on your lawn over the winter. Seriously, where do these even come from?

6. Pick up all of the dog poop that has accumulated on your lawn throughout the winter. And make yourself false promises about "not letting it get this bad next year." OK.

7. Go out for ice cream. Full disclosure, plenty of us do this all winter long, but it's more fun when the weather is like..."hey swimsuit season is soon!" Oh wait.

8. Grill something. Anything.

9. Go to the park. Even if it means your kids come back covered in mud, at least you got them out of the house!

10. Go to the Buffalo Zoo and see all the baby animals. I love baby season!

11. Go to Canalside. Why? Because it's nice out!

12. Take the first selfie of the season with Shark Girl, promptly post to Instagram. Snapchat and FB, too.


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