The snow is still flying over part of New York.

The massive winter storm is still dropping plenty of snow over the "Snow-Belt" areas of the state.


According to the National Weather Service, that Winter Storm Warning will be in place until 7 am Monday morning for the City of Buffalo and the town south of the city. Niagara Falls and the northern part of Western New York will have the Winter Storm Warning end around 3 pm on Sunday.

The snow will continue to fall along the shores of Lake Ontario as well today. A Winter Storm Warning is in place for Oswego, Jefferson, and Lewis counties until 1 pm on Monday. Over the next 24 hours, those counties could have another 20 inches on top of what they already received this weekend.

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Almost every county in New York State is under some sort of weather advisory or warning today. From Winter Storms Warnings to High Wind watches, to Flood advisories, the weather will wreak havoc on the Empire State.

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